Monday, October 23, 2006

I blog a lot, I think.
This week I'll hit my 250th post.
For anyone who has been reading from the beginning (or who has gone back and read them all), thanks.
I don't know at the moment which post actually is the 250th. I need to figure out the numbers, taking into account deleted and phoned in posts.
People have commented that the blog is a little more geeky and a little less pretty, lately. I hope that isn't a bad thing that makes this whole project unreadable.
Friday the scope of our Disaster Recovery project shifted into a modified Business Continuity project. I say modified because the new plan involves moving the production services to Phoenix and having our current equipment operational but secondary. The thought is, with enough bandwidth, no one in the company would miss our current data center if it were struck by a meteor.
I like the idea, and not just because I'm such a huge fan of meteor strikes.
I'm a big time supporter of the theory of "ninja tech". Under cover of darkness, employing smoke and mirrors, making the user forget the help desk phone number because things are running so beautifully smoothly, ninja technologists are working in all the best companies. They minimize downtime, shuffle services and hack registries to solve problems before they happen.
I'm also a big fan of "pirate tech", which is like ninja tech but more flamboyant. Also, I suspect it involves slightly more rum.
Anyway, since we are facing the same deadline we had for the Disaster Recovery plan and the end of the year chaos that all companies face, getting all vital services (Data retention, email, web services, freaking everything) actually moved a time zone west, the next couple of months (which include NaNoWriMo) should be a complete and total hoot!
This morning as I passed through the laundry room on my way to the garage I heard a very sad sound. At first, I thought it was our Siamese complaining at me in her extremely pathetic sounding way. Then I noticed she had followed me in and the noise was repeating and she wasn't moving her mouth.
Flipping on the light and opening the dryer, I found our orange cat (afraid of both confined spaces and the dark due to a traumatic incident in her kitten-hood) pretty anxious to get out.
Apparently, she climbed in at some point after the clothes were dry but before they were removed from the dryer. I have no idea how that happened, but I don't think anyone has ever been as happy to see me.
I think everyone should rescue someone first thing in the morning just to have a few moments of feeling like a super hero -- even a superhero like Aquaman. Of course, mathematically (not counting cats) that would mean 50% of people would need to be in peril first thing in the morning to make that work even half way.
Tomorrow is my peril day. I'm going to take one for the team and . . . Well I guess I drive through Houston traffic every morning. That is peril enough.
Hopefully, someone can get that rescuer feeling by not shooting me after I merge onto them or cut them off.


Joe said...

So ... you're willing to save a cat from a dryer ... would you be willing to get that "hero" feeling if it meant sticking your fingers down a throat to induce vomiting?

Sometimes heros need to get their hands dirty ... be warned. With great power comes great propensity for cooties.

Welcome to the club. Pick up your cape and communicator from the supply officer.

One other question ... Tymorra was trapped in the dryer all night ... how bad were the clothes?

Garrick said...

My heroism has hard and fast limits well before vomit. Very well before.

A true hero doesn't need to get their hands dirty for any length of time. Superman regularly re-enters the atmosphere to burn off the grime of smashed villainy.
Aquaman (my personal favorite) is constantly cleaned by fresh sea water.

Either way, it is good to join the new Super Friends. Do you know if there is a vision plan? I think my x-ray and laser glare is on the fritz.

Finally, I rescued the cat -- not the clothes. I'm no miracle worker.
I actually didn't check them at all, not wanting to spoil my rescue with a follow-up tragedy.

Joe said...

Heroes keep working until the work is done ... cooties or no cooties. You really should have checked the laundry ... now the inside of your dryer will be coated with feline liquid fear ... thus, every load of laundry from here on out will have a an "acceptable" amount of urine content.

But then again, the FDA allows a certain amount of rat excrement in hot dogs ... I'm sure you can live with Eau de Tymorra in your shirts.

Garrick said...

She means well.
I suspect there is a fair amount of fur leavings from her all-night OCD cleaning festival, but I'd have smelled any territory marking.
To be fair, if I had smelled urine, I'd have pretended not to.
Maybe I'm more anti-hero. Less Aquaman, more Wolverine. There will certainly be enough fur on my clothes for that.

Shana said...

OMG! I thought I had done Tymora a huge favor this morning when I removed the bell from her new collar. She seemed a little more bald today - I had no idea she pulled a stressed induced hair removal all night.

I think Miyoko locked her in there. Quite honestly, Miyoko jumped in there when the clothes were fresh and warm. I am certain she lured Tymora in there when they'd cooled and slammed the door shut.

I am going downstairs right now to clean all of the laundry again....

Garrick said...

I think that qualifies you for Super Friends status, too.

Joe said...

Out of curiousity ... was the load of clothes in the dryer a set of Shana's investment stock for resale on Ebay? Because if so, I am going to side with the crazy lady who is trying to get a refund.


Shana said...

Our clothes - my clothes - the clothes that are rewashed as of this morning are not for auction.

And, the 'lady' in question wasn't trying to get a refund, I offered her one. I have no idea what she wanted but I told her I hope she gets everything she deserves.

Anyway, Tymora is the cleanest cat in the house -she licks her fur off. Garrick says she's so clean you can eat off her. Try it.

Garrick said...

If you are going to try eating food off Tymora, may I recommend vienna sausages?