Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I've needed computer memory for a while, but I'd held off.
First, memory prices can be kind of crappy.
Second, it has been so long since I bought memory I don't even know what I'm looking for anymore. Technology changes pretty quickly. What used to be simply PC100 or PC133 is now broken into clock speeds and numbers I don't even understand (or particularly care about).
After reading up, I determined that I needed PC3200 DDR RAM.
I checked around. I hit TigerDirect.com and NewEgg.com.
I searched Overstock.com and Ebay and wandered through Pricewatch.
Fry's (outpost.com) was outrageous.
Then I decided to check Axion Tech. I've shopped there before. In fact, before I moved out the the suburbs it was the only place I shopped.
Since they are a local Houston company, I figured I could get shipping for about what it would cost to drive there.
I loaded a stick of PC3200 DDR RAM into the virtual shopping cart and placed the order Monday, satisfied that I'd gotten a good deal and kept the money local.
Then Zack called . Zack works at Axion. He let me know that the memory I'd ordered was no longer in stock. Further, he told me it was no longer being made. When he said my laptop would need another compatible type, I hung my head. I didn't need RAM for a laptop at all.
"Did I order laptop RAM?" I asked.
"Did you not want laptop RAM?"
He laughed, but not in a mean way. He agreed with my explanation that memory types change quickly and that it was okay to be confused a bit. He may have been just being nice.
Then he found not what I ordered, but what I needed. He substituted a brand name for the generic I'd settled on and told me that shipping for that brand was free. He further explained that by using the free ground shipping I would likely get the memory as quickly as if I'd paid for two-day shipping, what with them being local and all.
He then sent me a PDF of my new receipt, which was about $4 less than what I'd been expecting to pay for the memory that wouldn't have fit anyway. $4! That's like half a gallon of gas!
In short, I will never buy parts anywhere but Axion in the future. I cannot recommend them enough.
In long, I will have more RAM in my workstation on Wednesday, which should allow me to steal files and game all at once. Go, Team Stealing-Files-And-Gaming!

I've been thinking (stressing) quite a bit over NaNoWriMo. In less than a month, I've got to actually start typing for real. Of course, I've got plot ideas bumping around in my head pretty much constantly.
With so many awesome ideas, how can I narrow it down to just one? Or more than one strung together in some kind of crappy Chaucer-esque (though not really Chaucer-esque due to my lack of ability and his lack of ninjas) series of seemingly unconnected events?
Some ideas I'm kicking around:

1. Two drug-addled delivery drivers take a pizza to the wrong planet, sparking an interstellar war that decimates the galaxy in Kromlock Wanted Anchovies!

2. An I.T. worker pushes a security update to every computer and accidentally sends his CEO's personal pornography collection to another computer . . . But which one? Enjoy the silly chase in Format This.

3. Space ninjas (that are cyborgs) attempt to return their sacred dojo to glory by defeating a horde of slavering monkey zombie pirates in This Time You Die For Real, Dishonorable Pirate Monkey Zombie Creatures.
On second thought, that is less novel than musical production.

4. A guy and a girl play video games. Later they fix a snack. When she goes to brush her teeth you'll wonder why you started reading I Don't Know, What Do You Want To Do?. I can't imagine the cover art that would make me pick up that book. Well, I can, but I'd read the first hundred pages thinking, "When do the space ninjas from the cover show up?" and then I'd be bitter. I'd finish reading it, though.
I mean, I've invested a hundred freaking pages in it.

5. A killer toy is on the loose in a daycare. The kids must join forces with no thought to potty training to defeat The Deady Bear.

6. Barthur the anthropomorphic magical non-varkian from space defends his people with a laser knife and chainsaw sword in Ham-star the Destroyer.

As awesome as all these may sound, I can't start writing until November 1st. You'll just have to wait for preview chapters to show up here. Sorry to get everyone's hopes up. I'm just anxious. And stressed. And vomity nervous.
It isn't pleasant.
I also need to quickly post a message to everyone who suggested that I might like the "Weird Al" Yankovic song White and Nerdy. My message is this: You guys suck and I hate you.

Wait, that is harsh. I mean you guys "kind of" suck and I "mostly" hate you. SRSLY SRSLY

You know who you are.


Pamela Moore said...

Dude, no reason to fret. I'm doing my novel this month even though I'm not supposed to put it online next month. Andrew still wants me to upload it. I had to do it this month so someone would be available to cook dinner next month. I spent 45 minutes to an hour a day writing. No real thought involved, just writing. I'm at 15,598 words. My idea: zombie prostitute. I have a short list of things that I need to cover in my book, but I'm rambling the rest of the time. The book will be readable but I don't think it will win the Newberry prize or anything.

Garrick said...

Zombie hooker?

Yeah, I'd read that.

Darrell Davis said...

Dude, cross over! Barthur defends his planet against the evil Zombie monkeys and tries to enlist the Space ninja marines (gotta have space ninja marines! I mean come on, space ninja's without the military?) then at the end he fights an evil aardvark that tries to steal his identity!

Pamela Moore said...

17,032 - 352 words ahead of target. This little selection about potted meat is dedicated to you.

"Then I made my first potted meat sandwich. I didn’t actually make the sandwiches we had at the lake. The congealed meat juice and fat (yellow, translucent and slick) was not very promising. But I was spoiled. I was used to my mom’s cooking. Cafeteria food wasn’t all that bad. The potted meat tasted so good that I had to disbelieve my lying eyes and make that sandwich. I noticed the texture wasn’t as even and like liverwurst as I remembered. It was a little grainy in the can. I pulled out my white bread and spread a nice, thick layer of the potted meat on one slice then squirted mustard all over the other slice of bread. I slapped the sandwich together and cut it diagonally. Now was the moment of truth. I bit into the sandwich and almost threw up. I could taste all the intestines, the kidneys, the eyelids and the penises that came from who knows how many animals to make this one can of meat."

Andrew Moore said...

Pam - YUCK!

Garrick - are you registered on www.nanowrimo.org yet? What's yer handle?

I, as always, am "Scrapsflippy".

Garrick said...

I'm just registered under my email address.
Usually, I go by 'Artemia' for just about everything.

Scientific name for Sea Monkeys.

My use of my actual name is an indication of how serious I am about NaNoWriMo.

Pamela Moore said...

Get the book No Plot, No Problem if you're still anxious about it. It's pretty good.