Monday, October 09, 2006


Well folks, it is that time of year again. The McDonald's Monopoly Game ushers in another Fall of cranking out envelope after envelope to get those Best Buy Bucks.
Official Game Rules

"How to get BestBuy Bucks, and make a profit at it."

Step one: Do NOT eat at McDonald's. Holy crap, that food will kill you faster than street racing while hopped up on prescription pain killers.
Mmmmmm . . . prescription pain killers . . .


By requesting game pieces by mail, you will actually come out ahead with BestBuy bucks. Here is how it would break down:

Example: 100 requests for game pieces. (you can make requests as often as you like, but NO mechanical means can be used to address the enveloples, do it by hand) Each request will net you One (1) Game Piece and One (1) Chance Piece. You WILL get either a $1 or $5 BB Buck and you might win something else with the other piece (food, other prize, or nothing)

Given that you have a 1 in 12.4 chance of getting a $5 BB buck, here is what you can expect to get back.

Worst Case: $100 BestBuy Bucks
Best Case: $500 BestBuy Bucks
Probable Case Based on Odds in Rules: (Eight $5 Bucks & Ninety-Two $1 Bucks) $132 BestBuy Bucks (Note: this average is down $33 from 2005).

Cost to send 100 submissions:
Number 6 envelopes can be had from many drug stores on sale at about 300 for $1. Add tax and you have $1.08. You will need 200 envelopes, as you need one to send in and one that they will send back. Total Cost: $0.72

Stamps: You will need 200 stamps. $0.39 each (up from $0.37 in 2005)
Total Cost: $78.00

Complete COST: $78.72
So, using the probable outcome I discussed above. You will most likely gross $132 BestBuy Bucks, subtract your costs ($78.72), which leaves you with $53.28.

In other words, you are most likely going to save 40.36% on your purchase at BestBuy.
(78.72/132=0.5963, 1.0-0.5963=40.36%)

Now this is assuming your time is free, which it may or may not be.

Writing the McDonald's address (MONOPOLY® 2006 Game at McDonald's, Game Piece Request, P.O. Box 49434, Strongsville, OH 44149) took me about 45 secs. Writing my address took about 25 secs. Total, 70 secs times 100 entries equals 1hr and 57 minutes. Given the figures above, you are making about $27 an hour doing this. Not bad!

If you can do it on the clock at work (while borrowing envelopes) this money is closer to pure, sweet profit.

Keep in mind, the max amount of BestBuy Bucks that can be redeemed per day (and therefore per purchase) is $200. So, the sweet spot for submissions would be no more than 152 requests.

Finally, this is not meant to be a waste of time. I would rather not spend more money and eat a ton of unhealthy food in order to win something in this contest. Before you get that roll of 100 stamps, you should get your mind set on what you want to spend it on at BestBuy and ask yourself these questions:

1. Is it excluded by the rules for purchase with BestBuy Bucks?
2. Can I get it for 43% off elsewhere?
3. Am I ready to spend 2 hours writing on envelopes?

Also, it is more fun finding loopholes in the game that will benefit you. Yes, the thrill of the challenge and dodging trans fats, friends. That is what it is all about.
Mmmmm . . . . Trans fats.


Pamela Moore said...

I should tell my younger brother this. He thinks he's going to win McMonopoly so I'm mailing him the random game pieces I've acquired. I learned as a child that they only give away McFish sandwiches and McFries in a smaller size than is actually available on the menu.

The Best Buy Bucks are a new development. I just don't know what I would buy that would warrant spending a couple hours writing out addresses. I can get Felicity season one elsewhere for cheaper than the Best Buy Bucks rules allow.

Darrell Davis said...

You are a my Idiol! I love you!

Anonymous said...

if people want to trade (not wise), you can trade pieces on McMonopoly.

i found it on slickdeals and people are posting on it.