Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Last Post Ever

Guys, it has been fun. This blog has helped see me through dark times through (semi-healthy) venting and swearing. I hate to call an end to Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng, but I really have no choice at all.
I've tried really really hard to not make this another lame blog about blogging, but I really just need one more post to thank everyone for playing along for the past several months.

I'm pretty broken up about it. I've put in a lot of time composing this thing. Also, I just added two new gamer shirts to the store.

The problem is, like most of you, I comb the internet daily looking for spiritual guidance. Generally, this involves a pathetic plea typed into the Google search window followed by a quick "I'm Feeling Lucky". Sometimes just that little "I'm Feeling Lucky" affirmation is enough in itself and I can go on to amuse myself with web comics, celebrity gossip and a random forum argument or three.
Yesterday I turned up this gem, a youth-targeted article about the evils of blogging. As you can see, blogging is its very own path to eternal damnation. I wonder what they think about "Web 2.0".

Since I'm all about specific evils rather than general vanilla evils, I'll go over some highlights:

"Another reason blogs have generated headlines recently is that many parents have no idea what weblogs are, or that they exist, or that their children have one. Parents assume their children are innocently spending time on the Internet or doing schoolwork, when they are actually posting to their blogs. Parents have no idea that when they ground their children to their rooms with their computers they have, in effect, created an environment ripe for online chatting and blogging. Since these networks are so connected, kids who are not allowed to go to parties simply create online parties, unbeknownst to most parents."

Aside -- Hey, Mom! Hey, Dad! Only the cool bloggers get invited to the online parties, I guess. Its just like high school.

"Yet another obvious danger of blogs is the endless amount of inappropriate content often spread throughout them. This happens on a host of levels: filthy language, risqué pictures, etc."

Aside -- Hmm . . . Risqué, you say? I'll obviously need to step this up.

I present, the Fire Hydrant Stress Reliever:

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"Bullying even takes place between blogs, with some using them to defame or attack other people, or spread other forms of hatred."

Aside -- Stupid heads.

"Then there is the danger of addiction. Literally some become so addicted to blogging, posting and instant messaging that other parts of their lives are neglected. Even when such people are away from their computers they will post updates through their cellphones."

Aside -- While I've done that, I'm less likely to do that if I'm logged into EverQuest for 10 straight hours hopped up on Starbucks and compulsively washing my hands.

Here is another favorite excerpt:

"The Internet—and more specifically blogs—has enabled everyone to have a voice on any matter. Now everyone's thoughts are "published" for all to see. Whether or not it is effective, as soon as something is posted the person has a larger voice. It often makes the blogger feel good or makes him feel as if his opinion counts—when it is mostly mindless blather!"

Aside -- Ok. You've got me there, Padre.

"Blogs can easily link to each other. This social network allows people to become "friends" fairly easily with another blogger. As soon as this happens, the person is viewed as a friend by anyone who visits the blog. Whether or not the person is a friend, the appearance of evil is glaring in such situations. Young people in the world are far different then those in the Church of God. The things most will say and do—even on someone else's blog—will make one blush."

Aside -- I blush red like a fire hydrant.

Ok, so this blog (of all things) is my personal one way ticket to Lake O' Fire country. I get it.

But you know . . . Maybe the Restored Church of God has it all wrong, somehow. Perhaps the scriptural backing is a wee bit tenuous. Maybe there is better documentation in the wildest Area51/Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory posted way out on an unpopular and unpatched webserver somewhere in the darkest crevice of the Internet.

Maybe I'll keep this up for a bit.


What the hell. I'm feeling lucky.

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Joe said...


What would Joe blog?

Cooooool ... a compliment! I am honored ... seriously. Maybe I'll put you on my preferred list ...

Garrick said...

"What would Joe blog?" is the most mysterious question of all.

I know you are blogging about me.

You hate me, don't you?

Joe said...

Shana was required to keep the material in my blogs secret. Obviously, she told you everything, including my secret plotting as well, I imagine.

I'll need to remove Shana from the preferred list as well ...

Pamela Moore said...

I think we're all going to hell for blogging. Even my dog is going to hell. Of course, we'll have friends there so we can party and bully and get nothing done there, too!

Andrew Moore said...

blog heathens = w00+!

Joe said...

I shall paraphrase the immortal Buckner & Garcia:

"Go, Blogger, go!
You gotta keep on blogging
Till you get to the top!

Go, Blogger, go!
You've got to keep on blogging
You can never stop!"

Ahhh ... songs about video games ... good times.

Anonymous said...

What Goes Around Comes Around!!! And God Bless You!!!!!!

Shana said...

Garrick, I don't think you are going to hell for blogging.

Nope, not for blogging.

Shana said...

By the way, after I posted that a little message appeared at the top of the screen that informed me my message had been saved.

That's one of the major differences between my message and you.