Thursday, October 12, 2006

Yesterday was a very special day at our house.
The celebration started with a delightful dinner and sugar-free cake. Boxes were opened and new toys enjoyed.
Yes, yesterday was NEW ROUTER DAY!!!! WOO HOO!!!
The new router has flashy blue lights. I doubt they technically do anything, but they are flashy and they are blue and they light up. Flashy blue lights!
I logged into EverQuest for the first time in over a week and laid the smack down on some evil treants. I hate evil treants, you know. And good treants, too, I guess. Who do they think they are, anyway? Freaking treants.
Then, in a manic shopping spree, I dropped almost 800 platinum on "phat l3wt" in the bazaar.
I have no hesitation in telling you it was every bit as fun as it sounds and yes, I am truly uber.
Also, I updated my podcast directory through iTunes and browsed semi-random websites at the same time!
I did have to make the trek upstairs twice to reset the new router. This tells me the problem is not exclusively our old and busted router. The new hotness router can apparently better handle the inconsistent signals sent from my wireless card. Maybe that is what the blue lights do! The knowledge that the root cause is my machine is a source of sadness, but it isn't a limitation I can't live with. Probably.


Anonymous said...

And a critically belated happy birthday to you.

May your technology be obedient, user-friendly, and capable of cleaning the litter box!


Garrick said...

Thanks, Katy!