Friday, October 27, 2006

My Desk Chair Has a Seatbelt

Yesterday was "Safety Training Day" for me.
I learned to always bring my shoes in the event of a high-rise crisis. Wait. I learned that from Die Hard.
What I learned yesterday is about the different types of fire (A, B, C, D and sometimes K) and to not grab a fire extinguisher and just start spraying the flames. I should leave that to the highly-trained fire wardens on my floor. Unless they are on vacation, in which case I'm to turn rapidly in place to brown evenly.
Rotisserie-style geek. Mmmmmm . . . Caffeinated meat.
I also learned my personal cube-fitted coffee maker is in violation of building codes. I'll show them violations of building codes.

Ok. Crunch time.
I sort of set up my profile on For everyone brave/dedicated/bored enough to play along, please use my email address to add me as a commiserating writing buddy.
I may log in more often than I do to my MySpace account. Then again, I've got 50,000 words to write next month.
If you use FireFox, you can install the word count extension found here, for extra constant pressure.
I've selected a working title and intend to polish my notes over the weekend. I may do the whole thing in an online word processor. I hate MS Word.
I chose the category "Science Fiction" though I personally prefer "Speculative Fiction". It sounds a little (tiny bit) less dorky.

Plans for today include enjoying my jeans (I know my officemates who have not yet attended "Respectful Workplace" training enjoy them) and resolving some stupid application issues which have been causing people to call me too often for my own comfort. I'm generally all about my own comfort.


Pamela Moore said...

I'm almost done with my novel. I've reached nearly 42,000 words and I still have no title. You're ahead of me.

katy said...

Pamela, we've never met and I have no idea what your novel is about.

But I suggest an 8000-word title starting with "Love in the Time of Beta, the format which SHOULD have changed the world but instead it was VHS which really bit but they had a better marketing crew and man, that reminds me I loved those top-loading VCRs--do you remember those? They were so stylin', especially when on top of a huge console tv with the lovely lace doily..."

Garrick said...



You just totally gave away the title of my NaNoWriMo novel!
Now I have to completely start over!

katy said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry.

The good news is, I did it now and not 34,000 words from now.


Garrick said...

That's true, and I appreciate it.
I'll just scrap the original concept completely and write an alternate history novel about John Wilkes Booth being a vampire and Lincoln running a shadow government of the undead from a secret bunker under the White House since just after the Civil War.

Hmmm . . . That would certainly be more believable than the crap I was planning to write about.