Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This morning is all about a completely awesome blanket of fog.
Of course, it made the drive in a bit like a video game with poor graphics (but a great soundtrack).
I'm not sure how high the fog reaches, but it doesn't reach the 28th floor. Looking out gives me the feeling of being way higher than the 28th floor.
All I can see is oddly glowing clouds of fog below with skyscrapers sticking up here and there. It looks quiet, if something can look like a lack of sound.
Can something taste sticky? Look sugary? Smell warm?
Whatever. Either way, it looks quieter out there than in here where everyone is yelling about downed databases or something. So loud!

Yesterday Gwynyth came home with some of her schoolwork for us to review. I'll start off by saying that her score was perfect on the one I'll be discussing. Go, Team Gwynyth!

I would expect her class to cover math. I would also expect for her skills in math to rapidly surpass mine. I'm fine with this. Shana needs a back up on balancing the checkbook anyway.
My notes are probably maddening.
"It looks like you spent twenty-'xt' at graalnoor. Where is graalnoor? What is the currency conversion for 'xt' dollars?"
I would also expect Gwynyth's school to cover reading and writing. Necessary life skills.
And Texas history. Because Texas is awesome. Ever seen a mailbox in the shape of Illinois? I thought not.
The paper she came home with yesterday was a worksheet designed to reinforce a lesson about drugs and alcohol. At first, I thought this would be great. What would be cooler than having my seven-year-old able to make a passable vodka tonic for me?
Unfortunately, this was not the focus of the lesson.
"Alcohol can make your vision _____________", with the correct answer "blurry" instead of my choice, "unconcerned".
"Marijuana can make you _____________ things", with the correct answer "forget" instead of "hungry for sweet".
I'd have sent a letter to her teacher, but I was too drunk and my short-term memory is crap.
On the back of the sheet were smiley faces and frowny faces and a list of things that were to be connected by lines to the appropriate face.
Her line for "Wine" was drawn straight to the frowny face. I told her that was alright, but really it depends on the wine.
Her line for "Dog" was drawn to the smiley face. I told her it really depends on the dog.
Her line for "Marijuana Cigarette" was drawn to the frowny face. I let this one go, even though the term "Marijuana Cigarette" on government hand-outs never fails to make me laugh.
Her line for "Book" went to the smiley face, but there are a lot of really crappy books out there.
It is all about the details, educational system. I'm tired of picking up your slack.


Shana said...

And her artistic additions to the faces was excellent. Honestly, adding devil horns and pitchforks to the frowny faces was a stroke of genius. And the smiley face people got crowns - because royalty is infallible.

Darrell Davis said...

!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
Garricks's 41!!

Joe said...

But he doesn't look a day over 40! Go Team Geritol!

Pamela Moore said...

Happy Birthday to the pr3++y g33K! I still have a horrible picture of me and Andrew at your Power Rangers party. Remember that?

Garrick said...

That party was Mighty Morphin' Spectacular!

Darrell and Joe,

I'm ramping up the challenge rating on the encounters for the game on Saturday -- Just to keep up with you youngsters.