Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I have to apologize about yesterday. It seems Blogger, between preview and publication, decided some of the dialog I posted was, in fact, HTML. Not only that but bad, unpublishable HTML.
Rather than give me an error message, Blogger left me to not notice the glaring holes in my post until this morning.
While I'm leaving it as it posted for the sake of history, there was a whole paragraph worth of awesome that just got eaten.
This calls into question my ability to work with not only lines of code (which these were not) but language as well.
Coupled with my pre-existing aversion to numbers (and their own aversion to me) I'm left hoping to someday find a pictogram system (possibly comprised of sea shells or painted macaroni) at which I can develop a basic proficiency.
Until then, I'll stammer along here . . . Not very good word . . . using.

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