Thursday, March 29, 2007

So, as I may have mentioned, one of the most valuable assets I have as a technician is a ready supply of pictures of kittens doing cute or dumb things.
When attached to emails, presentations and reports, cat pictures can quickly and efficiently sway the viewer to the senders point of view . . . If only to get them to stop sending pictures that are so cute they are debilitating.
Towards that end, I have combed the cutest places on the internet and scraped through the very bottom of the cute kitten picture barrel.
And now we have been forced to create our own.

Nissa puts up with a lot if it means the other cats aren't jumping on her and slapping her head at that exact instant:

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Shana's cat seems ready to cook herself for warning Harry Potter to not go back to Hogwarts for book seven:

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And this OCD beast has taken a break from cleaning the fur off her legs and the middle part of her tail to judge us:

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The Hello Kitty laptop speakers are mine.
Um . . . The sound quality is . . . When I'm playing games the explosions are more . . . Life-like surround sound for my metal MP3s . . . Okay . . . They are adorable and not even plugged in at the moment.

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