Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It is no secret that iTunes and Windows Vista do not play nice together.
Given my love for the latest OS (even crappy ones) and cheesy sci-fi and Table Top RPG Podcasts, this is a very major conflict in my life.
I've often wondered why I need a major application (that wants to not only take over as the only player for all things media and "organize" my MP3 directory into a way that makes browsing the directory without it an exercise in frustration) just to put some stupid sound files on my MP3 player.
Apparently, I wasn't the only one wondering this.
Floola answered my question.
After enabling my Shuffle as a hard drive and dragging this tiny application to it, I was a double click (no install at all) away from just dragging files over. It even puts them (with no interaction on my part) in the correct order for serialized fiction podcasts.
It plugs into my car just the same as always and plays every bit as beautifully as before.
Also, Floola doesn't care about the disarray of my MP3 directory, or if it does it gives me no indication.
I guess with a name like Floola, you tend not to judge others too harshly.
If you, like me, were bristling under the harsh authority of iTunes (which I understand works so much better on the Mac than it does on Windows, even pre-Vista) there is an alternative.
Be free, my friends.

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