Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm angry.
No. Wait. I'm just sad.
Hang on.
I'm both sad and angry and doubting my previously unshakable faith in anything marketed as "extreme".
You see, there was this place. And once upon a time it was called Extreme Pizza.
We visited one night and tried a few of their specialty gourmet pizzas. Both they, and the cheesy bread, were surprisingly addictive.
Extreme Pizza could easily cause us to drive 20 minutes one way to pick up an order. And it could do this a few times a week.
We were concerned about the lack of crowds. We were more concerned about the lack of staff after one order (taken and filled by the same insanely busy guy) was so confused and late that it was given to us free. It was a nice thought, even though the pizzas were all wrong.
Yesterday was a particularly brutal day at work, so we decided to call in an order while we made the drive. There is something comforting about the "Holy Cow", which is three kinds of cheese, walnuts and fresh sage.
The phone rang and rolled over to voicemail. It did this about fifteen times while we drove all the way down to view the giant, hateful "closed" signs and to see someone inside packing up the fixtures.
Of course, the only reasonable thing to do was to request franchise information so that we could again have access to the pizza. We kicked around the idea of opening a location in the "Energy Belt" so that we could enjoy a regular lunch crowd from ConocoPhillips, BP, Citgo and Global Santa Fe without having to deal with downtown Houston at all.
And then Extreme Pizza sent us the information.
Opening a little pizza shop seems to cost anywhere from $200k to $400k.
I'm not saying it isn't worth it. The "California Cactus" pizza might be worth that on its own.
I'm just saying that may be too "Extreme" for me.


Joe said...

Shana told me. I'm very sorry for your loss ...

Bobbie said...

I am shocked to say the least. This is a great loss for you, I know. You would think they might have warned you.