Friday, May 11, 2007

Casual Jeans Friday!
Well, I had stuff to do today.
I took yesterday off. According to procedure, I'm supposed to return to a flaming desk full of emergency issues 24 hours overdue.
Apparently, my co-workers missed that memo as almost everything was completed by the time I powered on the laptop this morning.
Damn it. I'd been planning to play catch up all day.
I have no resort but to opt for Plan B:

As I've mentioned before (many times), building management sometimes misconfigures (turns off completely) the cooling system for our server room.
This can (does) result in some slight temperature issues (up to a record 140 degrees in just a couple of hours) at times (pretty much any time we leave the building).
We are getting our own independent system, but until that gets installed we have a temporary solution.
The stop-gap cooling system involves three giant, wheeled AC units and a tangle of flexible hot air exhaust tubing running over the ceiling tiles and out what used to be my manager's 28th floor window but has now been converted into a sheet of plywood with two circular holes cut into it.
His office is a dark place now. It is almost cave-like and slightly warmer than the rest of the building due to the hot air tubing.
Plan B involves making a tiny hole in the top of the exhaust tubing and finding out how much liquid soap it takes to create giant bubbles to float out over the putting green and freeway far below.
I've borrowed two bottles from the kitchen area, but I'm not above going to buy more if it is needed.
The list of things I'm not above is very long and growing longer every day.
That list deserves its own post someday.

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