Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wednesday featured the return of our intern -- Long may he reign.
I, for one, welcome our new intern overlord.
Yeah, so now that he is handling the technical decisions, I've had time to concentrate on my "lifting of things" abilities, so I guess it is working out okay.
Do you have any idea how many flapjacks it takes to fill a large cardboard box? The staff at IHOP was supportive at first, but they made me wait in the parking lot towards the end of the process. Also, they only look light and fluffy. That box was quite heavy.
I had to carry it in myself, since the cart was being used to deliver the multi-monitor set up for our intern in the area formerly known as "my cubicle".
It's alright, though, because the carpet is softer and less smelly than it looks and I can always use the corporate wireless, even though it is dog slow and has no external internet access.
This is only really a problem when our intern has me watching an Ebay auction for him. At those times, I can just plug in at the port in the storage closet. We can't let him get bid sniped, after all.
An intern needs a kayak, obviously, for reasons I'm certain he will share with me in his own time.
I need to go and rub this painful "smile ache" out of my cheeks before I cramp up.

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