Sunday, May 27, 2007

We attended one of Gwynyth's swim meets yesterday.
I suspect that Gwynyth's stopping to turn to the side of the pool and smile at us may have hurt her time overall, though the other team was what we "in the business" refer to as "weak".
Frankly, it is a wonder there aren't regular drownings at that team's practices. I attribute that to the possibility that their pool is shallow, or perhaps drained of water before they enter.
And then, just before Gwynyth's final race, the sky opened in south Texas fashion, soaking the spectators and sending the competing team into fits of water fear, further cementing our team's eventual triumph.
It may seem a tad harsh to speak this way about children, but they claimed an "athleticism". They dared to issue a challenge. They have been taught the folly of this, and I doubt we will hear such talk until, perhaps, district.

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