Friday, May 25, 2007

Yeah, so I don't think the power structure shift lasted as long as anyone expected it might, but the way it ended surprised even me.

You see, I work set hours. The only joy of getting to work early is getting home at a decent hour, and when our intern suggested a 24 hour rotation between the three of us, with him pulling a co-shift with one of us during intern hours of 9:30 to 2:30, I lost it a little bit and said something along the lines of:

"I'm going to cut you some slack. Trust me, just shut your mouth, turn around, and walk away.

"Up until now, I've been polite. If you say anything else -- word one -- I will kill myself. And when my tainted spirit finds its destination, I will topple the master of that dark place. From my black throne, I will lash together a great machine of bone and blood, and fueled by my hatred for you this Fear Engine will bore a hole between this world and that one.

"When it begins, you will hear the sounds of children screaming -- as though from a great distance. A smoking orb of nothing will grow above your bed, and from it will emerge a thousand starving crows. As I slip through the widening maw in my new form, you will catch only a glimpse of my darkness before you are incinerated. Then, as tears of bubbling pitch stream down my face, my dark work will begin.

"I will open one of my six mouths, and I will sing the song that ends the Earth."

Or something.
It took very little time to get my desk chair re-adjusted to the hottness.

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