Monday, May 21, 2007

It was pitch black in only the way a night in the Cambodian jungle can be.
The sounds. I tell you they echo, they move weirdly in the air, distort themselves. They surround a man, but not in the way a blanket surrounds a baby. More like one of the damn snakes that turns up in a bedroll with alarming frequency around here, killing silently, then moving on.
And then there was me, running around a small village with no pants, hopped up on some jungle mushroom again, probably. Screaming about the bugs eating me from the inside -- Just like I was trained to do.

Actually, I worked midnight to six on Saturday, missed my daughter's swim meet (two blue ribbons), have been a total irritable jerk at home for two days, and still haven't quite gotten my schedule back on track. Or at all really.
But it feels a lot like that jungle thing.

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