Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Monday, somewhere between the smoking grill and the pool transformed into a kid-filled splash-fest, I relaxed.
You may have heard a great noise, like a mighty redwood tree struck years before by lightning finally splitting down the middle and crashing to the loamy forest floor below. That would have been my shoulders reversing their previous course towards my ears and settling, once again, at "shoulder-level".
We visited with friends and watched the kids not drown for about eight solid hours. Then we went home to sleep the sleep of the guiltless, to wake up refreshed and ready for a short week crammed with awesome.
Yes, I gamed over the weekend. I found the Arathi Basin so filled with n00bs I spent much of my time frustrated and cursing my own team for having allowed the Alliance to gather so many resources time and time again.
I tried to enforce a "strategy", and when that idea fell by the wayside I settled for a "plan" which was honestly at one point replaced by my "directive" (and even later "suggestion") that my team mates not die so much.
It seems that even that bit of advice was largely ignored.


tess said...

I tend to avoid the BG's on long weekends, as thats when the servers are inundated with whiny teens who have no sense of strategy or even what the word "team" means...

Instead, I spent my weekend wandering around Zangramarsh, saving sporelings from the cruelty of the starving bog lords =)

Garrick said...

I agree totally.
I'd never been to the Arathi Basin, but for the benefits of math you get one token for losing and three for winning.
We won maybe ten times and I ended up with 63 tokens before quitting in disgust and venting my rage on the dinosaurs in the Un'Goro Crater.
Bog lords, eh? They've just been added to my hate list.

tess said...

Beware the "stealth-asaurus rex" of Un'goro (also known as Devilsaurs).

I always end up dead at least once per visit, thanks to those guys appearing right on top of me =(