Monday, May 07, 2007

So I almost literally dragged myself in to work on Friday. I had managed to wake up on time (two hours after I'd crashed following Spiderman 3) by some miracle and I was looking forward to a morning of brain-free server racking and and an afternoon of watching people put in some emergency AC units for the weekend.
I was in no condition for any kind of quick response to anything and I knew I'd need to do my best to avoid speaking to people.
As I slid around the corner into the coffee hole, I was confronted by two users between me and the coffee maker.
Oblivious to their mortal peril, they spoke to me:
"You look better than you did yesterday with the server meltdown!" the first said.
I grunted non-committally, which was about all I was capable of doing. They were blocking the damned coffee.
The second said, "I guess he hasn't been to his desk yet." She turned back to me and said, "Email and the financial applications just went offline."
I guess what blood remained drained from my face and my expression must have been truly horrible because even though there was no way for anyone to work with the systems down, both of these users hastily decided they needed to do something somewhere else in the building. Immediately.
My way clear to coffee, I poured a large cup before heading to my desk to find out what happened.
This time apparently a power surge just turned everything off for a second. The orderly restoration of services from Thursday needed to be done again.
With the practice session the day before, Friday was a lot more smooth.
There was still a lot of yelling.
I've added the yelling to our process document. For the sake of clarity, it is right between "Flailing" and "Sobbing", and many hours before "Napping".

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