Friday, June 15, 2007

Casual Jeans Friday. It is this simple joy that makes the other less casual days worth the effort.
It seems the cats decided I needed an early jump on it, because they were doing that weird yowling growl thing at each other where they threaten to fight to the death but neither will commit to actual physical confrontation. That noise will continue until someone chases one or the other away and moves the one who didn't run away into another room so that she can't be tracked down and growled at again immediately.
This is the process. I think they like it.
I also think they need to let people sleep or kill each other ninja-style in absolute silence.
Today we have our "Hurricane Preparedness" meeting for I.T. only. The meeting is being held in a little room where we used to store spare hardware instead of an actual conference room. In effect, this meeting is "off the grid", untraceable, and by next week will "never have happened".
I'm sure the news we will be getting will be disturbing, but no matter how horrific it is, it will be nothing compared to some of the stuff I've been hearing from the question and answer portion of the user meetings.

"Why do we need bottled water? It always looks like there is plenty of water on the news."

"Late summer is our busy time, can't they just move hurricane season up a few months?"

"If the building blows over, how will I be able to open a Help Desk ticket when printing screws up again?"

This is probably why we aren't invited to meetings with the general population. I've been quietly taking apart old and broken SCSI hard drives and slowly sharpening the disks into a deadly array of Ninja Spinning Death Crescents (Patent Pending). There is only so much practice a person can get hurling them into the fiberboard cubicle walls and the newly scarred sheet rock hidden behind server boxes.
We all know eventually these weapons of doom will be turned against the users (the initial 'L' is silent and invisible) in a whirling frenzied acrobatic dance of death.
I commend management on giving us separate meetings to delay this as long as possible.

Edit: I'll post a full review later, but for now I can sum up the meeting I just attended with my new realization:

We are all going to die. Sooner, rather than later. But before we all die, we need to secure the data.

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