Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hey! It looks like the gypsy attempts to borrow the copper from the AC units were merely a crafty diversion. Gypsy Team Two, it seems, was stealing the uninterruptible power supply from a different building totally. There is much more copper in one of those.
However, the outage on our end was much more brutal and unable to be mitigated by making the fanning motion with the server room door.
Again, I've volunteered to handle stake-out duties in Aberdeen. Though I've made perfectly clear my willingness to "crack some skulls" in the name of improved uptime, I think they may hire a local security firm rather than fly me to Scotland.
In other corporate news, I've been invited to attend Hurricane Preparedness Training. The email invitation specified that it was mandatory.
I got an earlier email instructing me to not sign up for it, though, so I promptly deleted it.
It seems I.T. will have our own, offline, Hurricane Preparedness Training. We will either be given the "real truth" about the whole "plan" or we will just be informed that in the event of a major disaster we are expected to ride out the storm on the 28th floor or go down with the ship.
Either bit of news would distress the regular users to no end. That is why they have their own "Bottled water is located in the blah blah flashlights yadda yadda orderly migration to the DR site" meeting and we get the hard core "It says in your contract you are responsible for the servers, nerds - You think that don't apply when it rains!?!?!?!" meeting.
It is the kind of meeting that makes users cry.
For that reason alone, I love that kind of meeting.


Andrew Moore said...

Pick out the hairiest gypsy: That's always the leader. Take a large, silver plated battle axe and remove his (or her) head. VERY IMPORTANT: Do not let any of the blood pill on you!

Take a twenty-three foot stake and drive it five feet into the ground. Place the leader gypsy's head at the top of the spike, facing west. Gypsy raiding parties always come from the west. When they see the head of their leader, they will engage in a 17-day mourning festival, during which you can pick them off with a high-powered rifle.

Failing the above, simply place a dead owl on a stone table oriented north-south. The gypsies will see this as a bad omen, and will consider you a demon lord. (An additional benefit of this tactic is that the gypsies will gift you one of their young, which you can use for Diet Coke runs.)

I hope this is of use to you. Many Bothan spies died to obtain this information.

Andrew Moore said...

That should read "Do not let any of the blood spill on you."