Monday, June 04, 2007

Sunday Gwynyth attended a professional soccer game where she witnessed the Houston Dynamo defeat some other team. We also learned that people are paid to play soccer, apparently. I like to share these little-known facts with you guys.
While she did that with a friend, we went in a completely different direction with another friend.
Our direction included random profanity and a viewing of the film 300 at the cheap theatre.
I know it isn't new, and anyone who wanted to see it already has, but it is based on a comic and therefore I feel compelled to share my views.
Violent? Very. Original? Well, if you liked the graphic novel it was basically the storyboard.
Actually, I was surprised at how many of the things in the movie were actually a lot like the diagnosis for clinical depression. I've made a list of them both below. See if you can tell them apart. Oooo! A game!


a. Man Nipples

b. Incredibly Violent

c. Low Self-Esteem

d. Odd Piercings

e. Change in Sleeping Patterns

f. Oracles and Corrupt Politicians

g. Excessive or Inappropriate Guilt

h. Much less Interest or Pleasure in most Regular Activities

i. Stabbings

j. Weight loss or gain without dieting

k. A Carnival of Killings

l. Recurrent thoughts of death

m. Kneel before Xerxes

n. Largely Homoerotic, yet Uncomfortably Butch

o. Lessened ability to think or concentrate

See? It isn't easy!

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Andrea said...

garrick, i thouroughly enjoyed the movie...

actually BECAUSE of most of things that are on your list.

and gerard butler.