Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This year we are skipping the big family vacation.
Sadly (very, very sadly) skipping the big family vacation is a tradition going on ten straight years. Fuel prices and general expenses make it impossible this year, even though I have vacation time to burn.
Sometimes when work gets to be a little too much, I configure various vacation packages on Expedia or some other site, add them to the shopping cart, and then log out and get back to whatever work needs to be done.
I just read through that last paragraph. I need a drink.
Yesterday, through a bizarre and unrepeatable series of hyperlink jaunts, I ended up at the site for British Airways.
Like just about every airline, they offer an incentive-laden free membership. On a whim, (hoping to see Scotland at some point before I die) I decided to sign up.
Then, the most awesome thing happened.
You know those web forms where the first blank (labelled "title") is a drop down containing the possibilities "Mr.", "Mrs.", "Ms.", and "Dr."? This one goes into considerably more choices.
I have to admit, getting a confirmation email addressed "My Lord" really perked me up for some reason.
I'm going to close this meeting of the readers of Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng with an "action item".
Go to the registration page and sign up, then share your new title in the comments section. I'm curious not only what people would choose, but if it as amusing to anyone else as it was to me.


The Viscount Garrick of Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng


tess said...

While I didn't officially sign up (given that there might be some time I might actually need a British Airways Executive account), I was sorely disappointed by the lack of a Duchess title...

I've always wanted to be a Duchess.

Though, if I go back far enough in my family tree, I'm related to a count... So countess would have probably been an appropriate choice.

But... Countess Tess sounds kinda stupid =( So, Barones (apparently the femining of Baron does not have two S's?) is my choice =)

Garrick said...

I think British Airways would have no issue addressing you as "The Right Honourable Barones(s) Tess". I doubt they offer courtesy peanuts on international flights now, anyway, so no big loss if they refuse.

Anonymous said...

You already kind of selected one for me by defaut.

As your wife, I think I automatically become the Viscountess.

But I think I would have chosen Crown Princess.

Garrick said...

True. If you'd selected another title, it would have implied a merged holding of land -- Exposing my plans for total global domination a bit early.
Lull the peasants into a false sense of security. Excellently done, My Lady. They were eating all the damn cake, anyway.