Wednesday, June 06, 2007

This evening I'm pulling a second shift.
We have a bit of a crisis here at work relating to the basic laws of physics.
I.T., as a rule, requires a lot of stuff. Not all of this stuff can be used at once. When it is being used, there generally isn't too much trouble. When it isn't, people fight over where it goes.
Since I hired on in September, I've been a part of no less than four incidents where I.T. (or at least my team) has been evicted from the place we were told to store our stuff.
There follows a transitional phase, where the stuff is parked outside my cubicle. The end of this period is signalled by someone telling us to move it again with a specific destination in mind.
And then, they later decide they really need that space for something else so the process repeats itself.
At present, the server-related stuff (all of it being our responsibility and all of it being crazy heavy) sits inside the doorway of the Help Desk storage area.
Tonight, all that changes.
Starting an hour after I normally leave, we will pull it all out of there. Then we will assist the Help Desk in moving their stuff into that space, which will leave the back of the room open.
We will then fill the back of the room with our stuff.
I'm just glad this isn't one of the times the servers have been ordered out of a closet or abandoned conference room to sit in the hall until someone who has no idea how much they weigh asks me, "How long are these going to be here?" I doubt I can make it through answering that question again without cursing.
Of course, I'd rather not make a 14 hour day half comprised of the lifting of heavy things, but I plan to make the most of it by stacking the server boxes with Tetris-like creativity.

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