Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Nine years ago today, in a crowded sound booth at a classic rock radio station, Shana and I got married. And it was awesome.
The ceremony itself was fairly devoid of frills. Aside from the beautiful bride, there was nothing at all to look at. I think they figured out that everyone who ever listened to Shana on the air was listening that morning, though none of them thought to send a gift.
I was "between jobs" for a couple of days, so we took off for a weekend in New Orleans after that.
I remember spending that weekend in a state of disbelief. I imagine it is like the feeling one would get winning the lottery without ever buying a ticket, incredibly happy yet undeserving.
I remember it very well, in fact, because I still feel that way.
Happy Anniversary, Shana.


Andrew Moore said...

Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids!

Pamela Moore said...

Happy Anniversary!