Friday, June 08, 2007

I'm not at work, as today is "Off Day" in my own personal internal caveman-speak.
It bothers me not a little to miss any day at work which begins with the title "Casual Jeans", but I have much more important things to do.
There will be immersion, there will be prayer, and there will be bleeding. I generally try to avoid 33% of those activities, but I'm making an exception.
After all that is complete, it is Bonus Honor Holiday Weekend in the Alterac Valley Battle Ground. I've gathered just shy of the amount of tokens I need to buy my "Epic PvP Armor Set ®", but I'm about 75,000 honor points away from the goal. A character needs both tokens and honor points to get anything. In short, I need all the bonus honor I can scrape up. Given that I can earn 300-400 honor points during a bad match, I'll be slogging through a lot of them. Sure, I could buy some parts of the armor set now, but then I wouldn't match at all and that just won't do. You know how it is.
On the blindingly bright side, I remembered to disable the alarm function on my BlackBerry last night and managed to sleep until 45 minutes after I normally get to work. This, coupled with good coffee, makes for the start of an amazing day.


tess said...

Beware -- the honor cap is 75,000 points... so you may want to spend any points you have before trying to accumulate more than that amount =)

The last thing I want is for you to end up one of the poor saps on the customer service forums saying "but no one told me!" when trying to get back the points taht poofed (you have no idea how many people end up there... its sad really).

Garrick said...

Thank you for the warning. I'm still safely 60,000 points under that limit.

I feel like such a n00b.

tess said...

Don't. I hardly ever PvP (in fact, I think my only PvP in the past several months has been to slaughter the lone orc warrior that decided to try and invade Ironforge on his own), so my honor rating is at about... oh... 10. =)