Saturday, December 08, 2007

Field Trip


Alright, people! Listen up!

Hey! You in the back!Can you read this okay?


Today we are going on a brief tour. You don't have to go if you don't want to. Just wait here refreshing this page until the rest of us get back.

Those of you who are going, pick a buddy. You will be responsible for making sure that person gets back here. That is our number one rule: Everybody goes home. Got it?

Our first stop is Andrew's blog. He just opened a new play and links to some posts on another of his Blogspot homes for the latest in puppet-related news. It's an awesome read, as always. You could also make a stop at UpToBat, but you'll need to hustle -- We've got a timeline here. Hitting Backspace (Or delete for those of us in the know) should bring you right back here.

After that, we will pay a visit to Pam's blog. She has her own performance stuff going on over there and it is past time you guys caught up. Again, grab your buddy and Backspace back here so we can continue the tour. Stay together!

Tess needs a visit. Poke at her. She hasn't posted in a while and we need to make sure, as a group, that her blog doesn't fade out. I used her "Horses can't vomit" post in a meeting to totally change topics. It worked better than the time I set the conference table on fire. You know the drill, Backspace back here for updates.

Now, while some of you may know better, I feel the need to post this little reminder: Save your juvenile remarks for the comments section here. Remember, we are guests at these blogs so be on your best behaviour. No cursing in the comments, no leet-speak to jack up the flow of comments from the natives, and save your blogger abuse for Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng -- I'm used to it.

So none of your regular foolishness, people. No flaming, no cursing, no grab-ass. Got it?

Okay. Everybody line up and foll-OW! Who threw that?

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