Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Have I mentioned how fun the MacBook is?


And now, I've realized a life-long goal of appearing across vast distances as a Star Wars hologram. Try to imagine the ghost-like blue image on the left there alluding to long-forgotten Sith mysteries and pronouncing edicts which will bring about an end to both the Galactic Senate and those stuffy self-important Jedi. Not hard, is it? Some of that ease in imagining comes from the snapshot, while some probably just comes from the fact that I often blog about the deserved end of both of those archaic institutions. The fools!

[Insert Maniacal Laughter] "Star Wars hologram appearance" was step #277 in my ultimate plan for global domination. Again, doing these things out of order may foil my plans for a bit. However, I've come around to the belief that all things can be overcome given a Unix framework and an aluminum case. [End Maniacal Laughter]

Disclosure time: I picked up Parallels and installed Windows Vista on the machine in a virtual environment just for VPN access and (most importantly) the completely cool Windows Live Writer (because I'm not at all happy with the way ScribeFire worked. There is no room for ugly posts on Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng).

You know what? Windows Vista, even isolated in a separate space on my OS X machine, is still as annoying as hell.

My User Account Control settings seem to throw the OS into little anxiety attacks and I need triple authorization to install even stuff from the Windows Update site because even Microsoft.com is the "Evil Intarwebz" from which we must all be protected so very much.

I have to reboot and update and reboot and reboot that virtual environment pretty constantly. While waiting during one of these, I cranked this out on the Mac:


Ah. I've missed that guy.

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