Thursday, December 13, 2007

My New Phone!

Let me show you it!


The Samsung Sync, my friends. Arguably the best media player/phone not prefixed with an "i".

It features 3g connectivity, an awesome onboard camera, integrated IM and (thanks to the proprietary sync cable) the ability to hold and then play back media files from my computer!

Only . . . There was no "Sync" cable with the "Sync", therefore the whole device is completely misnamed.

However, for slightly more than I paid for the phone itself, AT&T will sell me one of those cables.

On the bright side, it is a stunning and trendy red with enough techno-goodies to intimidate all but the hard-core nerd set away from the thing.

It is too awesome and powerful to be used by your average "just want to make and get calls" crowd. I know, carrying this thing, that I'd be set apart from the n00bs.

At least I did until Wednesday night when I was almost run over in the grocery store by a little old lady pushing a shopping cart with one hand and talking away on her bright red Samsung Sync with the other.

I was, for too long, too stunned to speak. Shana had a nice laugh about it, though, so I least I've got that going for me.

I did manage to find the proper cable (and car charger, and headset, and spare cable) on Ebay. While the price difference between the AT&T "Official" cable sold by itself and the much less expensive giant box of accessories I ordered from Ebay leads me to suspect theft or fraud, I suspect selling a phone called a "Sync" with no cable for synchronizing qualifies as possibly both of those things anyway.

And I looked for a while in the grocery store for that little old lady's trendy and awesome grandson who had obviously loaned her his phone. I guess he was outside pulling the car around so she wouldn't have as far to walk.

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Darrell Davis said...

O I'm sure the attack was made due to you not having payed AT&T for the proper cable. She was agent! The red phone (way too much power for a granny) the shopping cart (Death on wheels) I say you have a price on ya and AT&T has deep pockets