Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I Do Not Want


Dell has just announced a laptop with a World of Warcraft theme. It is very pretty and completely nerdy.

I do not want one.

The hardware (aside from twice as much graphics memory) is pretty close to my Mac.

That said, the pre-configuration price is well over twice what I paid for my Mac. Plus, it runs Windows Vista. Gross!

I've been using my MacBook Pro for a few days now. There was a brief glitch which was fixed with a software update. Other than that, switching has been as easy as advertised.

I did download the Microsoft Remote Desktop utility. It works better than it does on Windows Vista, too. I can connect and administer Windows systems within a window on my Mac, as though viewing them from a safe distance.

I discussed the Mac construction process with a friend and we decided that there is a giant mold somewhere into which liquid awesome is poured and then cooled before a complete MacBook is popped out and sold. On reflection, I think it can't be that simple and that there is an added step where powdered Win is sprinkled throughout the inner workings.

Running the same applications on a Mac is just plain prettier and more stable. Media and photos display perfectly and I have not been disconnected in the middle of a heated player versus player free-for-all a single time -- and there have been a few thousand kills worth of those. N-Class networking is probably the best thing to happen in personal computing in recent memory.

What I find interesting about the Dell offering is that World of Warcraft is a three-year-old game. That kind of staying power speaks volumes about both the quality of the product and the strength of addiction, though I can't decide which it speaks more strongly about. Nothing speaks loudly enough to justify over $7000 for a fully-loaded system that still runs Windows Vista, however.

In other news, last night we lit candles and watched Gwynyth open a gift and we had turkey, even though this delicious image turned up on


Today, I plan to call AT&T. This whole not having a cellphone thing is getting really old. Email and this blog are officially the only possible ways to contact me. I actually logged into World of Warcraft last night just to chat with a real-life friend. And also pwn noobz. I multi-task.


greatnate said...

Gmail supports IMAP, which means you can use the built in client, which means integration beyond rememberence, which means an increase in happiness, which means an increase in the chance that you will commit a random act of kindness to a total stranger after which he may "pay it forward" and do the same to another total stranger and so on and so forth which increases the chance that the world will become a happier place all because you decided to switch from windows! Damn its good to be a mac user!

Garrick said...