Friday, December 14, 2007

I Suppose It Is Kind Of Funny


So. Moments after I posted about my new phone, I began to feel a warmth through my chest. At first I assumed it was the regular warmth I feel when I've added a post -- That feeling of satisfaction that can only come from having made the Intarwebz a few hundred words bigger.

Turns out it was the Samsung Sync in my shirt pocket. It was uncomfortably warm, so I set it on my desk and within a few minutes the battery had totally discharged itself while the phone vibrated crazily across the semi-cluttered surface.

The AT&T people wanted to "troubleshoot" the issue over a land line and were offended that I'd left the charger at home.

When I asked if there was anything besides a bad battery which could cause these symptoms I was answered with a silence as informative as any silence since the dawn of digital communication.

Anyway, two phone calls later they agreed to ship out a replacement phone which should arrive early next week. Until it does, I'm going to do everything I can to make this one explode. It is spending every moment while I am at home plugged into the charger and dangling over the sink.

Right now it is in my front pants pocket where I can instantly be made aware of any new and awesome burn-outs it may want to toss my way.

And I brought my charger with me, because I'm dying to let AT&T try to fix it over the phone by teaching me how to store my contacts.

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