Monday, December 17, 2007

Temperature Extremes


I know. There is no excuse to whine about the cold when I live along the Gulf Coast. That said, holy crap it is so cold!

This means a couple of things to me:

1. I get to wear sweaters. This is good, since I look positively smashing in a sweater.

2. The climate control systems in my building at work work on a weekly thermostat, I think. On cold Mondays the office is cold. So cold my skin contracts and my ring slips and my watch spins around on my wrist. I have to tape/staple both into place. People complain and it gets corrected slowly so that on Friday everyone is sweating and after lunch we all strip to the waist at our workstations to code away like they do on islands in the South Pacific. Someone complains again and by Monday it is freezing once more.

3. We have thermal smoke detectors at home. When the heater comes on (like at 4am and 6am this morning) they all go off. For over an hour. To the point where I'd like to start a fire to give them something to go off about.

Anyone ever had that issue? The oven sets these stupid things off and then we have to go around standing on chairs to replace all the 9v batteries which have died because of all the false alarms. Makes me sleepy/stabby.

4. Even with my sleep interrupted, I look pretty amazing in this sweater.

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