Friday, October 17, 2008

Great Quotes In History

Awesome words are easily remembered.
For example:

"How bad could it be? It's just a bunch of savages." - General Custer

"Don't be a sissy. We can totally win a land war in Russia in the winter. We are, after all, Frenchmen." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"I'm just going to get my stuff back from this guy in this hotel room. Be cool." - O.J. Simpson

"I'll keep this tape in a safe place." - Tommy Lee

"Be in a movie with Al Pacino and my girlfriend? That's a great idea! Gigli is going to be the highlight of my career!" - Ben Affleck

I'm going to add another to this list:

"We don't have to do User testing. Our Vice-President signed off on everything because he doesn't want us wasting prodution time. Also, we are moving up the go-live date to Monday." - Some asshat user

I don't think anyone remembers what happened to the people in the earlier quotes, but I can tell you the user quote resulted in 147 unique Problem Logs for issues which ranged from "Extremely complicated" to "Anyone would notice this if they'd ever logged in".
My team has been working these all week at a cost of much lost Production time and a forehead-shaped dent in front of the keyboards of every member of my team.
Over the past week, these dents have become deeper and deeper.
I also feel that I need to note that the Vice President referenced in the quote is in Aruba this week and has left specific instructions that he is not to be bothered.
He will still be employed when he returns and will, no doubt, have the same awesome reserved parking space.

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