Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Two in a Row?

I try to avoid posting twice in a row about gaming, but in my defense this entry is not about playing World of Warcraft.
It is about not playing World of Warcraft.
Early Tuesday morning, the largest game patch in the history of gaming was released to the live realm servers during the normal outage window. And beyond.
Much beyond.
Patching, apparently even patching funded by literally millions of dollars a month in sweet, sweet cash, is not necessarily a smooth process.
The patch yesterday involved so many awesome and spectacular changes to the game that the servers were unstable almost twelve hours after the outage was originally scheduled to be over.
This instability led to some interesting game play features between server bounces, such as the ability to fly though the air like a superhero and unlimited power.
It also seems to have (to date) deleted some of my most awesome in-game items. This makes me almost inexplicably sad, as though the accomplishments marked by those items have been rendered valueless.
Or as if, on some level, some of this is based in reality.
I know, logically, that it is not.
This morning before work none of my stuff had been restored and they were still doing emergency reboots.
I know I'm not the only one impacted, since the chat channels were loaded with anti-game hate speech. But I know even the loudest complainers will be back online tonight.
I got frequent texts and calls and emails from my real-world friends and online contacts, possibly because they missed me but more likely because the valued social component of the evenings of a lot of really nice people was, suddenly, missing.
I think I have more tolerance for this kind of crap since my job revolves around dishing out horrid updates to software and I know the pain.
Or perhaps I was drunk.
I did get to watch the new Indiana Jones movie on DVD last night. For the record, it is infinitely more enjoyable out of the theatre and into the DVD player.

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