Thursday, October 16, 2008

Post-Debate Analysis

The debate drinking game words for last night included "bi-partisan", "maverick", "Joe (as in Six-Pack, but it screwed us because of that plumber guy)" and, to my ultimate dismay, "hope".
To my credit, I remember the end of the debate.
However, this morning I has a headache. Bad.
I've been self-medicating with aspirin and caffeine to little effect.
Trust me when I tell you no one looks forward to the end of election season as much as I do right freaking now.
Like many proud and informed Americans, I ignored the issues entirely in last night's debate in favor of watching for snappy comebacks and "Oooo! Financial-Burn!" moments, of which there were enough to keep me from switching over to the Judith Light marathon on Lifetime.
And to keep me dutifully draining our box of astronaut space wine from Target.
Our wine glasses, which were rarely dusted off and used in Houston, will now forever be remembered as our 2008 Election Commemorative Edition Debate Glasses.
Man, they hold a lot of wine. Each glass covers a nine minute segment almost completely.
Before the 2012 election, I plan to rig up some tubing between the wine-storage area (we are hoping to pick up a wine refrigerator in sometime this year) and the living room debate-viewing area to minimize trips to the kitchen.
Walking back and forth is such a downer.
Oh. The debate.
Most of the press seems to have Obama as the winner regarding at least most issues.
I'm less concerned with who won than who lost.
It was anyone who added "hope" to the word list for their drinking game.

At the risk of sounding alarmist, I will probably die.

Towards the end of the debate, I was standing on the couch pointing emphatically and screaming profanity at the old guy and calling him a liar . . . Only to be informed that he was the moderator of the debate and that he had been silent for over six minutes.
I'm just happy to be participating in the political process.
Or I was happy.
Until I work up with my head feeling all hedgehoggy and all.

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