Friday, October 03, 2008

Drinking Games I Have Lost

I've posted before about some stupid stuff I've done on a dare.
Not being one to learn from the mistakes of the past, I think I screwed up again, probably.
In the interest of the public good, agreeing to take a shot every time Sarah Palin says the word "Maverick" and every time Joe Biden uses the word "Bi-partisan" makes for a very, very quick debate.
Also, it seems to summon up the forehead hedgehog of morning suffering.
As if I didn't have enough problems being productive!
Thanks so much, Mrs. Soccer Mom and Mr. 35-Years-In-The-Senate.
I'm again choosing to leave political judgement calls out of the hallowed pages of Pr3++yG33kyTh1ng in the hopes of leaving that job to the thousands of other bloggers who are probably dying to give you their own unique take on the debate.
I'm leaving it at this: Establish the rules of the drinking contest before the debate starts. And write them down. Somewhere you will see them when you are drunk.
A dry erase marker scribbling on the top of the toilet tank would have saved me a good deal
of suffering this morning.
We have our ballots from Texas and will be casting our votes pretty soon.
We still have a house in Houston (thank you, unethical lender demons) and are leveraging that to cast our votes in the state where it will make the least difference.
As often happens when I am confronted with current events, I fled.
I staggered online and visited the World of Warcraft only to be confronted with . . . Politics as usual.
It seems our newly appointed guild leader stole a bunch of stuff out of the guild vault and transferred to another server.
I was surprised.
The guy had an extremely compelling story.
I remember when he was working his way up through the ranks. He told us the story of leveling up on a Player vs Player server, and of having his corpse camped in the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale for nine straight hours.
"When I got out and was finally able to return to the Horde starting area, I transferred to Duskwood, the friendliest server there is. I came here with a renewed love of the Horde and a dedication to do things better. Never again would I stand by and watch my friends get owned like noobs."
Then he appointed his wife co-Guild Leader and things were just weird.
No one else even knew her and she was always saying really dumb or offensive things in the guild chat channel.
Whenever he wasn't online, she'd enforce her own policies and adjust everyone's rank in the guild to suit her needs.
When anyone would call her on it, she'd have to rush the kids off to soccer practice and log off.
But no one saw their defection coming. Hell, she'd never even seen the Alliance capitol city, much less a Player vs Player server.
I think we are all just anxious for the big change in November when the expansion pack comes out.
It can't come soon enough.
I completely need this as my escape from reality.

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