Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Watching the Debate

We decided to set up the rules for tonight's debate in advance this time.
I recommend following them yourself. Also, freeze your car keys in a plastic cup before the start of the debate by all that is holy.
Borrowing from the Biden-Palin debate, every time someone says "bi-partisan" or "maverick", take a shot.

Other shot words are:






Pork Barrel


Your "finish the drink" words for the evening are "Lipstick" and "Odessa"

Our drink for the evening is wine-in-a-cube from Target, since it isn't horrible and no one here is planning on being able to taste it 20 minutes into the debate anyway.

Do not be alarmed if the Wednesday post is late, but if there is still no post on Thursday you should start making calls, probably.

Tonight, our nation gets to find out how our candidates stand up against each other.
Simultaneously, I will determine how quickly the debate process can make me lose all concern and pants.
I feel like I have a pretty good handle on what each candidate has as a stated platform. I really hope anyone planning to vote does, too.
So the only reason to watch a debate at this stage is in the hopes of some kind of catastrophic gaffe or oh-snap-octa-burn rebuttal.
This is, I would think, kind of like watching NASCAR in the hopes of seeing a crash.
I'm not doing either without drinking.

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