Friday, October 24, 2008

When You Get A Moment . . .

Hey. Hey, brain. Brain!

What do you need?

I need a blog post, man! I got nothing! Someone could click here any minute and see no update!

I'm kind of in the middle of something here . . .

Like what?

Like keeping you employed so that you can buy booze to continue trying to kill me cell by cell.

It isn't like that. Can I help?

I don't see how. Right now, I'm trying to anticipate undocumented code changes the developer group might make in order to create some application resiliency, configuring your Active Directory and writing a policy manual.

Uh . . .

I thought so. If you'll excuse me . . .

No way! Just spew out a post! Real quick! The day isn't getting any younger.

That doesn't just happen.

Of course it does. You come up with an idea and make the hands type it out. When it's over, we stop and I reward you with aspartame.

I know, on the surface, that is how it looks. But I'm trying to create some quality here. I'm building a standard.

Screw standards! Just crank out a list. Look, I'll help. How about "The Top Eleven Most Awesomest Video Games Ever Released In Cartridge Format."

That's been done. To death.

"Funny things I've said in meetings."

Done to death here, in our very archives.

How about something about the cats?

Boring and you know it. We have to pay attention to quality.

Don't puke in my nachos and tell me it's salsa, brain! Make with the posting!

I have less and less use for you, flesh vessel.

I love you too, brain. Let's never fight again.

There. Just type that out and then go fetch me my Diet Coke, meatbag.

Heheheh . . . You said "meatbag".

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