Thursday, October 02, 2008

I Was Supposed To Have The Room To Myself

I figured today would be pretty awesome, really.
Since the seven other people I share a room with all signed up for the same training class, I was supposed to have the place all to myself.
I thought I might strut around a bit, possibly sprawl out across a desk.
Of course, I'd unplug all the phones and disconnect the network connection from the wall, possibly by using the heel of my shoe.
But the training class was canceled due to a lack of participants. So everyone is still here, still asking me to do stuff, still bothering me with their work-related blah blah blah, still telling me to "stop doing that" and "I'm going to HR if you mention my family another time".
I think there must be some other reason, though, since the seven people who sit near me can't be the only seven people in the entire company to sign up for the "Working With Difficult People" workshop.

This would be less funny if I'd fictionalized it at all.

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