Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This morning I caught a glimpse outside the window in the kitchen as I was stumbling through to start the coffee brewing process.
For a second, I thought I was back in Houston due to what my brain interpreted as a fine rain of ash from a refinery fire.
Houston picked up the name "The Bayou City" in the 1930s in an attempt to remove an association with the word "Canal" after a string of mysterious canal fires darkened the sky over the downtown area for over a month, killing vegetation and driving the long-horned pigeon into extinction.
But this was not the old familiar ash storm of home.
It was snow.
Enough to close schools and paralyze the city. In other words, "a light dusting".
Traffic had slowed to a crawl and I still managed to park closer to the door than I have since I started working here.
The window behind my cubicle is packed with people watching the snow continue to spatter the pavement. They are talking about snow storms of winters from years gone by and whether this snow storm fails in comparison.
The consensus is that it does.

In other news, behold my first ever piece of officially licensed NFL swag:

Someone has to be a fan of the Detroit Lions and it may as well be me.
In this image you can also see the side of my face with the most hair on it.
. . .
But the jacket! The jacket kicks the ass of all jackets which refuse to pick a team!
They sold exactly four of these jackets for the 2008 season. One is mine and the other three are owned by people who coach or used to coach the Detroit Lions.
I like the thought of being a fan of a team I could actually possibly help by taking the field and improving some statistics. Seems proactive.

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