Monday, January 12, 2009

Somewhat Safe For Work Pictures

Manuary. It makes me both not shave and strive to take things apart.
On the whole not-shaving front, someone asked me Friday if I'd forgotten to shave that morning.
The fact that I hadn't shaved since the evening of the 27th was just too sad to admit, so I just nodded. And flexed a little.

But there was stuff to do around the house over the weekend.
Since every surface is being painted, it seemed like the ideal time to pull down the old light fixtures.

I went out and rented a tool belt for the occasion. It holds Shana's tape measure and screwdriver set quite nicely.
While I deftly removed the old light fixtures, I have yet to convince Shana of the environmental good we can do by not having electric lights in the bathroom at all.
The new fixtures are heavy and don't fit the old holes in the wall at all. I may have to Google something about sheetrock repair. Sooner rather than later.
Also, my Macbook Pro was making a fairly horrible noise and I decided that a bearing had failed in one of the internal fans.
Here is a picture of me replacing that fan:

This went slightly better, since my laptop still works and I can turn the screen to use the light to navigate the darkened bathroom.
I opted to continue to wear my safety headgear, because I'm all about safety.
However, and I hesitate to mention this because I'm not 100% certain how manly World of Warcraft is, I can't help but think of the kobolds whenever I wear it.

"You no take candle!"
That little guy seems better at the whole not-shaving thing, too.
And maybe he wants his candle so much because there are no electric lights in his bathroom.

I'm pressing forward anyway.
Itchy face first into the middle of Manuary!

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