Monday, January 26, 2009

Work Stuff

Last week there was a user having some issues with our new technology.
Since he uses a Mac at home, his issue was routed to me with the instruction from my manager to "Make it work".
A scan of the documented issue led me to believe that he didn't have a piece of vital software installed on his Mac, so I sent the following message to update the trouble ticket.
The responses follow, though I've removed identifying information for the purposes of maintaining employment.

------------------( Forwarded letter 1 follows )---------------------

From: Garrick
Sent: Friday, January 23, 2009 9:59 AM
To: CHRISTINA (Redacted)
Cc: DAVID (Redacted)
Subject: RE:PL# 1174 Bundle WorkRequest PL2320 STATUS I/S Research OPENBY (Redacted)

It looks like he doesn't have the client installed.
Downloads for various version of the Mac OS can be downloaded here:

Also, with a Mac, right-clicking in a Citrix or Windows remote session calls for the key sequence fn+alt+click. Which is much easier than using a two-button mouse, in my opinion.

Seriously, if he has trouble getting it to work after installing the client please let me know and I'll walk him though (getting giggled at on the Mac Help forums).

Thanks in advance for unsubscribing me,


Perfectly reasonable, right? I offered a user-driven solution, a complete (if totally insincere) offer to continue to assist, and a request that I not be included in future communications regarding this matter.
This was the response I got:

------------------( Forwarded letter 2 follows )---------------------
From: CHRISTINA (Redacted)

To: GARRICK (Redacted)
cc: DAVID (Redacted)
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 11:28:10 -0500
Subject: RE: RE:PL# 1174 Bundle WorkRequest PL2320 STATUS I/S Research OPENBY (Redacted)
X-HDT-HopCount: 1

I have passed this information on to Mr.(Redacted) along with Garrick's desk, cell and home phone numbers. I also included Garrick's physical home address with directions.

Thank you!

Christina (Redacted)
Test Designer, G&A Project Management Office
(Company Name Deleted)

Was I to just let that go? I suppose I could have. The high road just doesn't show up on my ethical GPS:

------------------( Forwarded letter 3 follows )---------------------

Date: Friday, 23 January 2009 11:43am ET
To: CHRISTINA (Redacted)
Cc: DAVID (Redacted)
From: GARRICK (Redacted)
Subject: RE: RE:PL# 1174 Bundle WorkRequest PL2320 STATUS I/S Research OPENBY (Redacted)

Nicely played.

I've just subscribed your work email address to several non-confirmation art-focused email distribution lists covering such diverse topics as:

"Loving the Homeless", An Art Project in Picture and Video
"Geriatric Nude Beach: Oiled Subjects" (Digital Photography)


Hans Hofferstein's Ground breaking Performance Piece: "I've hidden a brownie somewhere on my person and if you can find it I'll split it with you" performed on the Washington DC Public Transit system.

For the arts!!!


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