Thursday, January 01, 2009

Oh, Come On!

Honestly, I try.
I don't want to be one of those guys that owns a Mac and feels compelled to bash Microsoft at every turn.
At the same time, the only clear resolution would be to get rid of my Mac, since Microsoft keeps giving me reasons to bash them.
The latest seems to be the case of the driver in the 30 gig Microsoft Zune, which freaked out over the leap year and shut down all the devices, disabled all functionality and pretty much left them all as bricks.
The bug seems to have been related to a clock driver.
Sadly, the most effected users were the "early adopters" who were willing to take a chance on the first generation Zune in spite of the almost universal acceptance of the iPod as the portable music device.

The "fix" is less than awesome. Basically, all of the owners of a first-generation 30 gig Zune have been instructed to allow their batteries to run down today, on January first, with the idea that the clock will reset itself at that time.
Wait, and the problem will go away. Until, I would guess, next leap year.
Please, Microsoft. Make it stop.
I don't want to be that hoodie-wearing super-smug Mac guy. And I love hoodies.
It looks like buying hardware from a software company is bad, unless that software company makes OS X and/or iTunes.
See? I'm specifically trying to not be overly smug and that is the result.
I'm going to try to wrestle a six month old device driver onto Windows Vista. That should make me feel better.
Happy New Year!

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