Thursday, January 29, 2009


I know you love pictures, internetz, so I have a couple to share.

First, this one is a picture of my new giant coffee mug. I bought it for me, but I took a picture of it and posted it on the internetz specifically for Joe.

Since it is a crappy blurry cellphone picture, I'll clarify that the text reads:

Gorilladin - I'll Just Tank The D@mn Things Myself

I love this mug so hard!

Hi, Joe!

Also, I used an online picture editor to crank out your new desktop wallpaper: can do the same for you, but why bother when I've given you this one already?

Finally, we get to the point.
Whenever a major corporation tries to market to the Geek Community through the use of geek terminology, they fail.
Documenting this failure, distilled into a luminous matrix of mockery, is possibly the main reason this blog exists.
Kentucky Fried Chicken recently attempted to capture the geek market watching Battlestar Galactica. To do this, they created a sweepstakes titled the "Frak Pack".

I think you can win a year's worth of fried chicken, which is possibly fatal, though that's not the really funny part.
The joke is that they obviously had no idea that "Frak" is the TV substitute for another four-letter word beginning with "F", and that the translation of "Frak Pack" is extremely amusing to anyone with the sense of humor of a fifth grader. In other words, their entire target audience.
Someone obviously told them what it meant, though, since they rebranded.
If they had taken this new knowledge and renamed the contest the "Frak Bucket", this post would have been in the form of an epic poem of tribute to the glory of KFC.
However, they did this, and in the process demoted the "Frakkin' Awesome Fans" to the just "Awesome Fans".
While we are at it, KFC, no one is ever going to believe "Kitchen Fresh Chicken" is your actual name. Embrace the "Fried"! No one eating there thinks it is health food.

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