Monday, September 18, 2006


'Twas an ominous mornin' on Monday.
Most o' me crew were unable to board me servers at all, and those that could found the weather a might nasty.
Seems ye olde database was locked up tighter than Davy Jones' locker itself. I loaded me network musket and prepared to storm the rails.
A fair bit later the database was ship-shape, new deck, sails and riggings to boot.
Me fix on the flagship meant the rest of the ships needed new paint, so's I set a process to make the change at seven bells in the dead of night while me crew were sleepin' off the grog.
Alas, ye olde typo set the change for seven bells AFORE noon! And that be how I scuttled me entire fleet in the middle o' the day.
I rushed amidships to see the Cap'n as all boats went down around me.
I told me sad tale, expectin' to walk the plank.

Cap'n Banderas is a good man, but stern, and I just signed on at the last port after a month-long drunk. A lesser Captain would have keel hauled me and fed me lungs to the sting rays, but not Captain Banderas.
The old sea dog laughed at me error! Long and loud, with youthful abandon.
Me plans fer today include annoyin' the accountants (no good lousy privateers) and naming the Help Desk people "wharf rats" fer their infernal misplaced tickets!

Aye, me hearties! Today the I.T. seas need fear the wrath of Geek Beard! w3wt!

Behold the pirate keyboard!

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