Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday = Free doughnut day at my new job. What is this freak show?
I submitted my list of technical grievances this afternoon and was given the go-ahead to start actually fixing stuff. I also suggested that we double the size of our server farm and that is getting added to the budget for first quarter next year.

At this rate, any day now I'll discover the whole building is powered by dead babies or I'll have to rough up old people as one of my non-technical roles or maybe they all worship Satan. Not that any of that is necessarily a deal-breaker . . .

Excuse me? Isn't another shoe supposed to drop right about now?

Hey! I found out the guy who sits behind me has been playing Shadowrun for the past few years. Old school. Pencil and paper.
Before that he played Dungeons and Dragons. He recommended I take my EverQuest character to Warslik's Woods for good loot and experience points.

My boss talks just like Antonio Banderas.

Tomorrow I plan to find the baby furnace.


Andrew Moore said...


Garrick said...

Soylent Green is also low carb.

Joe said...

At least Soylent Green isn't damn dirty apes ... from whom you often have to pry guns from their cold, dead hands ... after you let their people go.

I think I'm mixing my Heston metaphors ...