Monday, September 04, 2006

Go, team employment!

Tuesday is my first day at the new job. To celebrate, my dad sent a Starbucks coffee card. On behalf of my new employer: Thank you Dad for the liquid productivity.
I think an adequate coffee supply would decrease workplace violence.
Ok. I've got the laptop patched and loaded with useful stuff and my handy USB drive loaded with applications, MP3s and electronic comic books.
I've got my work clothes all laid out in an easy to access pile.
I've loaded an extra optical mouse in my laptop bag because there is a possibility I'll be issued a used mouse. I can't use a used mouse. That's like buying second hand drawers.
I may not be able to post until after work. I'll keep notes if I am able and fully detail all the trauma as soon as possible.
Of course, I've already signed a non-disclosure agreement. I can't post the name of the company here either way because Google could lead co-workers right back here. I can tell you right now that would be bad.
Anyway, just know that if my beliefs line up with those of my new employer then I would have to say that every time someone pays less than $2.00 a gallon for gas, God kills a kitten.


Shana said...

Best of luck on your first day on the job. Hopefully the fires won't be raging out of control. Of course, raging IT fires means job security - for a while.

We love you and look forward to seeing you again this afternoon.

Shana & Gwynyth

Pamela Moore said...

work = w00+!

Andrew Moore said...

Yay for gainful employment!

Hip hip huzzah!

I'll empty my Recycle Bin in your honor today.