Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Out on the west end of the Houston skyline, just inside the loop, sits the global headquarters of (company name deleted to comply with non-disclosure agreement).
I think the building was designed by committee. They decided that it should have walls and windows and not fall down but couldn't agree on much else.
In a cubicle on the 28th floor just across from the help desk, within the comforting hum of the server room, I spent my day today.
Human Resources had the day off, so no one could correct my name. On everything from payroll to login to contact information and cube label, I am (my first name) (my middle name).
It was my radio name from back before I did the whole computer thing, so I didn't argue. It is my email address. I can't fight that.
I was issued a laptop that works and a BlackBerry that doesn't.
I've been told I can have my home internet connection paid for and whatever office supplies I want can be ordered.
Someone handed me the nicest journal I've ever held and just walked off.
The coffee in the break room is free and they have Splenda and half and half in those little containers made from white plastic.
This company is over sixty years old and this year is the first one with a real I.T. department. I'm pretty sure they think if they aren't nice we will run away.
This is the least funny post ever. I'm seriously freaked out.


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