Friday, September 08, 2006

Casual jeans Friday! Casual jeans Friday!

I didn't find the furnace.
I did finally get my name corrected on most places.
Whenever people ask about the name I used earlier this week I tell them it was my stage name.
"I had a small but important role in the first season of The Gilmore Girls. Then my character was eaten by wolves."
That has been fun.
When I got the job they told me about the massive backlog of trouble tickets to be worked. I got access to them today. There were less than twenty. Now there are four.
I managed to shuffle most of them off to the desktop support guys where they able to fix them through a combination of re-installs and reboots that I don't really care about.

Worst . . . blog . . . ever.


Andrew Moore said...

Yeah. That's when Gilmore Girls jumped the shark - the whole "roving pack of wolves" story arc.

Garrick said...

It could also be argued that the "roving pack of wolves" story arc didn't go on long enough.