Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This morning I bought a Diet Coke from the vending machine in the break room. It cost $.50.
I took the Diet Coke and placed it, unopened, on the middle shelf of the break room refrigerator - right up front.
A few hours later, it was still there.
Yesterday management installed a machine that makes free (to the employees) espresso drinks.
Granted, it isn't the best espresso ever, but it is the thought that counts.
I attended a meeting just after lunch to hear a vendor talk about a new Disaster Recovery software product. It was one of those post-lunch, stab-myself-in-the-hand-with-a-pen-to-stay-awake meetings.
My boss (the only other person listening to the guy on the conference call) muted the phone and said,"Is it just me, or is this guy completely putting you to sleep?" He said it just like Antonio Banderas would have said it, too.
I asked a question at the end to pretend I'd been paying attention.
After the call we discussed some enterprise software choices and I made a few recommendations. I left the office five minutes later with a budget of $28k to put a solution (whatever solution I want) in place.
I checked on my Diet Coke this afternoon. Whatever evil my co-workers are up to, petty theft isn't part of it.
I drank my Diet Coke on the way home.


Darrell Davis said...

No Freakin way, No unopened coke can survive that long in an office
environment. Something happened to that coke, something you may never know.

Joe said...

Free espresso ... easy budget requests ... your soft drink of choice being (you think) unmolested over the course of the day?

If they put a machine in the employee lounge that dispenses purple Kool-Aid ... I strongly suggest that you don't drink it. Even if it is sugar-free.

Is the CEO of this corporation Martin Applewhite? Creepy ...

Andrew Moore said...

Uh . . . they didn't have you sign any HR paperwork with your own blood, did they?

Pamela Moore said...

There just has to be a baby furnace.