Saturday, September 30, 2006

Happy Weekend, everybody!

I was involved in another client sales pitch elevator meeting on Friday afternoon.
This time I boarded the elevator on the 9th floor with the rest of my team at the same time as one of the owners of my current company who was conducting a tour with someone in charge of something or other from some oil company. I'm hazy on details. I remember on my first day being introducted to this particular owner. I took note of his last name so that future "My mailbox is missing" calls from him wouldn't be answered with my standard "Where did you last see it? Did the mailbox seem depressed?" response.
Anyway, as we boarded, the owner stopped in mid-speech. He introduced us to the guy from the oil company by name (He even got mine and my badge is typically worn backwards, bonus points for pronouncing the first name even if my last name is still my middle name in some parts of the building) and told the client that my team and I are the "brains of the operation".
"If this elevator goes down with these guys on board, our company is sunk."
I was a little floored. Sure, it was laid on thick, but coming from a technology company that considers techs an expense to a chemical company that considers them important to revenue just seems . . . odd?

I apologize for the brief post. I'm working on some geek projects this weekend.
If any are blog-worthy I'll share.

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